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5STAR living

Let Basel Square be your epicenter for exceptional living. Here, choices are limitless. Visit a bustling cafe at your doorstep or order room service from the hotel downstairs. Work out at the state-of-the-art gym, or walk to the beach and feel the breeze of the Mediterranean. The residences at Basel5Star are the epitome of five star living.

5STAR residences


“We wanted to create landscapes for emotions”

Baranowitz & Kronenberg Architecture


The unit interiors are designed to feel like a villa rather than an apartment, emphasizing both the breadth and privacy of your own home. The interior designers focused on details such as fireplaces and libraries, with the premise that a home should feel like there’s a place that holds memories, that sustains life. The design brings back the leisure of luxurious living with unparalleled finishes and materials, and elements of privacy such as each floor having two separate elevators for discretion.

5STAR apartments

The units are designed to offer ample space and can be customized to suit your unique needs. Through thoughtful design and meticulous execution, we are able to make this space truly feel like a home for you. If you love hosting, we can equip your unit with two kitchens; one for hosting and one for prepping. The possibilities are near limitless.

type a type b type c type d type e
Apartments 02+07 — 4 Rooms — 233 sqm — 27 sqm Balcony
floor plan
Apartments 03+08 — 4 Rooms — 229 sqm — 37 sqm Balcony
floor plan
Apartments 04+09 — 4 Rooms — 265 sqm — 27 sqm Balcony
floor plan