the team - Basel

the team

Basel5Star is brought to you by the most prominent designers, and hoteliers. Learn more about our experience, story and philosophy below.

the developers

White City Group

We understand the city, its dynamism, and the constant change that keeps a city bustling with life. The White City Group’s vision is characterized by humility and respect for the past, alongside intellectual boldness, curiosity, and groundbreaking creativity.
Since 2003, we have developed and bettered dozens of unique, innovative, and creative real-estate projects that are always at the forefront of the city's development. We’re always after the next big thing, forecasting trends in urban development


JTLV Group specializes in the development, betterment, and management of real estate assets. The group is ushering in a new real estate era in Israel, emerging as a market leader in developing and constructing multi-use complexes at the heart of city centers. JTLV’s long-standing expertise provides a unique outlook and deep understanding of community needs, providing the best of residential, employment, commercial, logistics, hospitality, and leisure under one roof. JTLV Group manages three investment funds with a total equity capital of approximately NIS 5 billion and manages assets totaling approximately NIS 10 billion

the architects

Architecture – Bar Orian Architects

Bar Orian Architects was established by Tal and Gidi Bar Orian in 1990. First recognized for its work in conservation, the firm’s sophisticated approach to additions and extensions of historical structures quickly won international attention and a growing number of projects. Today, Bar Orian Architects is engaged in a wide range of projects, while maintaining and optimizing its own standard for highest quality.

Interior Design – Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture

Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture is an international interior and architecture studio based in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. During the past 20 years B+K has become renowned for creating iconic private and public spaces that attract “Modern Nomads” and locals alike. Owing to their unique contextual awareness and story-telling-driven design, Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz not only keep local and personal history relevant but also serve the need for 21st century global design.